Carlo Alberto

A shoemaker and leather goods craftsman, in his workshop in Turin, Carlo Alberto creates tailor made shoes in English style.

  • Web Design

  • Look Book

  • Conceptual photography project

  • Content Strategy

Re-establish the value of a traditional profession and the precious attachment that can be achieved with a tailor-made handmade product.

Carlo Alberto faces a market dominated by large-scale distribution and forced production and frequent fashion trends. He is a traditional craftsman that highlights the uniqueness and quality of a handmade product, the direct experience with the customer and an exchange of values and philosophy on the care and use of his product over a long period of time.

The activity was born for the care and repair of shoes while the activity of creating new shoes flanked the main activity positioning the craftsman in the field of “Shoemakers of Turin”. The goal was to reverse the position to bring out first the activity of shoemaking and overshadow the repair activity.

The positioning strategy focuses on the presence in the territory and on blogging activity. Market exhibitions, collaborations with other showcases, events in the shop are joined by editorial plans on social issues to create suggestions and give advice on shoe care.


Web Design, Editorial Design, Storytelling, Photo Project


Davide De Martis, Leonardo Tornabene

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  • Brand Identity

The main font has classic stylistic features, connecting the artisan world with the world of high fashion. The logo symbol comes from an openwork decoration made on the tip and upper of the classic models “Brogue” called “broguing”.

  • Web Design

The study of image improvement and communication starts from digital to open new channels of communication and to bring people closer to the traditional world of artisan knowledge.

The value of time in a shoe is the concept that guides the whole story and vision of Carlo Alberto. The time that turns into a precious moment of awareness and ideas spreading between the artisan and the customer in the laboratory. The time of manufacture, the time of waiting, a shoe that will last over time. And then the tradition and the artisan techniques that stimulate the knowledge and creativity of the people who will choose with Carlo Alberto every detail of the design of the shoe.

  • Look Book

A look book to create the idea of a style and fashion by enhancing the custom-made shoe as a luxury good. An imprint of style, moments of celebration, the journey. But also a magnifying glass to discover behind the scenes of the artisan’s workshop.

Printed on Fedrigoni paper – Splendorgel Extra White – 160 gr, 72 sides. Fedrigoni cover – Sirio Lampone 290 gr.

Black Favini paper cover with logo embossed in matt silver lamination.


Print Design, Storytelling

In collaboration with

Aurora Tomaselli (Robin Studio)

Print providers

Bottega Fagnola

Print Club

  • Photography

The photographic project is set in an ancient 19th century villa and is inspired by literary figures to create evocative images.


Storytelling, Project management, Assistant Photography


Leonardo Tornabene


Villa Erre – Literary Bed & Breakfast