Torino TED-Ed Club

A program to help students identify and research the ideas that matter to them most and work on their storytelling and communication skills.

  • Web Design

  • Video Production

  • One Teaching Module

  • Events Set up

Emotional video reel, 2019

  • Content Strategy

As the creative director I have to deal with communication at all levels, including documentary and emotional videos, graphics and web communication. Each year has a different theme which leads the communication and the guidelines of the topics that will be faced by the young speakers.

In collaboration with Riccardo Antonino, professor of Cinema and Media Engineering at Politecnico of Turin and Gabriela Alvarez, Certified Hard & Soft Skill Coach, we have included some workshops like “how to make a digital presentation” in the teaching module, “the basics of photography and videomaking”, to help students achieve technological know how and improve their communication skills through digital tooling.

TED global conference was founded by Chris Anderson in 1996, a non-profit organization that organizes  an annual meeting of luminaries in the fields of technology, entertainment and design. Through a strategy of “radical openness” TED experimented by posting some of its talks on the internet. Their viral success encouraged Anderson to develop the organization as a global media initiative devoted to “ideas worth spreading”.

The TED organization provides free licenses to local organizers who want to organize their own TED-like events. Requirements are that speakers must appear for free, and the events have to be non-profit, with talks released to TED through Commons Media.

The TED-Ed program was launched in 2012 to offer free educational videos and tools to students and teachers. TED-Ed’s global network of more than 250,000 teachers has brought the world of TED to their schools, inspiring their students and encouraging them to voice their ideas and share them with others.

Gabriela Alvarez, Certified Hard & Soft Skill Coach   (Language, Public Speaking, Debate, Motivation and Leadership) expert in Personal Branding and Expository and Creative Writing , obtained the Torino TED-Ed Club  license in 2016, to start a TED-Ed program in Turin.

Each edition is the result of one year’s worth of work with students. It starts with a learning and exercise period to elaborate a TED-like talk followed by a final  session to set up the final event. Every talk is filmed and shared with the global community and posted on the official TED-Ed network channels. This type of active experience has the mission to voice young ideas, to instill critical thinking in them and to provide them with communication skills and technological know how to put on stage a powerful and inspiring speech in front of an audience.

The mission is to provide students with useful tools that are usually not included in schools  and to raise awareness towards topics of global relevance including their personal stories. TED-Ed program encourages students from all over the world to share and voice their ideas or personal stories inspiring not only other young people but also adults, who have the role and responsibility to equip their children to become future global leaders.

Save your passions

I edition theme, 2017

In Deep Water

II edition theme, 2018

It’s a small world

III edition theme, 2019

Safe Haven

IV edition theme, 2020

  • Brand Identity

The whole communication kit, both offline and online content, is created following the reference theme. Every year a title and a mood are created to inspire the children, and they are engaged in content design to make them feel involved and passionate.

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  • Web Design

The website is designed on a “one-pages” architecture. As with a diary, each edition has one page and collects the testimonials, videos and photographs of 1 year’s experience. You can navigate from one edition to another by discovering stories and watching the talks published in previous editions.

  • Web Design

  • Illustrations

  • Copywriting

  • Video Production

TED’s video production is aimed at being highly emotional and telling the story of the commitment, work and joy of the kids. A collective participation: from the script to the editing, the students support the video production taking part as actors to promote their final event.


  • Art Direction

  • Script & Concept Design

  • Director

  • Post Production

In collaboration with

  • Robin Studio

  • TED Students

It’s a small world

III edition, Promotional Video

It’s a small world

III edition, Backstage

Save your passions

I edition, Promotional Video